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Multiple RibbonWindows on multiple threads

Sep 28, 2009 at 6:02 PM
Edited Sep 28, 2009 at 6:02 PM


I'm trying to create multiple instances of RibbonWindow on different threads (one thread per window).
Unfortunately the application throws the following exception when I'm about to create the second instance
(the first window opens whithout problems): 

Fehler bei Objektinitialisierung (ISupportInitialize.EndInit). Der aufrufende Thread kann nicht auf dieses Objekt zugreifen, da sich das Objekt im Besitz eines anderen Threads befindet.  Fehler in Objekt "Odyssey.Controls.RibbonGroup" ...

Here's my translation :)

Error while initializing object (ISupportInitialize.EndInit). The calling thread cannot access this object because it is owned by another thread. Error in object "Odyssey.Controls.RibbonGroup" ...

The RibbonGroup's markup looks like this:

<odc:RibbonTabItem x:Name="tabEditUser" Title="User bearbeiten">					
	<odc:RibbonGroup Title="Aktionen">
		<odc:RibbonButton Content="Speichern &amp; schließen" LargeImage="../img/save16.png" SmallImage="../img/save16.png" odc:RibbonBar.Reduction="Large,Medium,Medium,Medium" />
		<odc:RibbonButton Content="Speichern &amp; neu" LargeImage="../img/save16.png" SmallImage="../img/save16.png" odc:RibbonBar.Reduction="Medium,Medium,Medium,Small" />
		<odc:RibbonButton Content="Löschen" LargeImage="../img/delete16.png" SmallImage="../img/delete16.png" odc:RibbonBar.Reduction="Medium,Medium,Medium,Small" />

Can anybody explain myself how I could realize the described scenario (multiple RibbonWindows on multiple threads)? 
Many thanks in advance