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Implemented: Composite WPF (aka CAL, Prism) RegionAdapter for OutlookBar (with source)


Please find attached a high-quality RegionAdapter that lets you use OutlookBar in Composite WPF apps. Feel free to use it, it would also be nice if it were included in the repository.
Quick notes:
There are two ways to set a view's icon and header text so that they can be displayed in the OutlookBar.
  1. Have your view class implement IOdysseyOutlookBarSectionMetadata. This is a fire-and-forget measure, but requires that you can modify the source for the view.
  2. Call OdysseyOutlookBarSectionMetadata.SetMetadata(view, metadata) to set an attached property value containing the desired icon and header on your view before adding it to the region. This approach can be used with any view instance, and takes precedence over (1).
    This adapter maintains the invariant that the active view in an OutlookBar region (it is a SingleActiveRegion) always corresponds to the SelectedSection of the OutlookBar instance.

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